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Tim Fielding aka Journeyman, creative intelligence agent & compulsive word nerd, at your service. I work with agencies and businesses to extend their narratives and engage communities through powerful use of language, music and events. They work with me because of my infectious curiosity, the ninja comms skills I’ve acquired over many years in the digital media trenches, and my knack for knowing what’s next. Also because of the pics I kept from the offsite in Ibiza.

Riverphonic is a system for communicating brand identity through multiple channels. With an emphasis on sound and tone of voice, it draws from the laws of music and immersive experiences to help businesses – and the people who run them - (re)discover and express their cultural mojo. The result is authentic emotional resonance, at scale. Think of it as a blend of brand speech therapy, scriptwriting for start-up ventures, and a DJ remix of the corporate soul.

Tune In

Words matter. Conversation is all around us, written and spoken, multiplied by chatbots and instant messaging. Amazon, Apple and Google are wiring the world with voice-activated user interfaces. Podcasting is booming. It has never been more important to get your language right.

Verbal Audit

Step 1 in the Riverphonic process is an elocutionary review of all media assets, to ensure consistency of tone, inject some sparkle to the voice, double-check the syntax and refresh your guidelines for future copy generation. It may be the editorial equivalent of a colonoscopy, but I approach it like everything - with humor, passion and ingenuity. 

Naming Workshop

Names are to projects as hair styles are to rock stars. They get you noticed in a crowd, they look good on stage, they radiate the essence of who you are, and at their best they become icons in themselves. Riverphonic’s structured (but fun) program originates names for your new product or venture, and helps you shake out your inner Iggy Pop mop 

Sonic ID

Sound has the most emotional impact of any single sense. So please, don’t be like the bride’s mother who spent five times as much on flowers as on the wedding DJ, and ended up dancing with a geranium.  With a suite of audio branding tools ranging from sound design to implicit response testing, we ensure that your vox truly pops and your pitch is, well, pitch perfect. 

Copy That

Stop Press: Millions of high-powered media devices have fallen into the hands of 12-year olds, and the signal-to-noise ratio has gone – umm, how can one put this delicately? - BAT SHIT CRAZY!! Here’s how we can help.

Content Strategy

Let’s start by understanding who you’re trying to reach and what you want to talk with them about. Riverphonic's process determines the most effective channels to reach them through, the kind of content they will find interesting and valuable, the CRM tools that will deliver your messages most efficiently, and the thought-leadership pieces that will position you in the most impactful way. 


My signature style may not be to everyone’s taste, but neither is a fine scotch whisky. Taglines, ads, websites, social media posts, Alexa skills, newsletters, presentations, video scripts, product specs, business plans… no blog is too big, no tweet too small. Drawing on deep, diverse cultural insight and a keen ear to the zeitgeist, I can lay it out flat or spread it on thick in the Kingsman’s English: incisive, distinctive and memorable. 

Verbal Design

The title may sound like the most clanging oxymoron since Definitely Maybe, but consider the following: Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service”, “The medium is the message” and “The message is in the myoooozick!!”. Steve Jobs, Marshall McLuhan, Hamilton Bohannon. Three of the great sages of the late 20th Century. I rest my case.

Get in the Groove

Tired of being told to Think Different by consultants who all sound the same? Let's go beyond storytelling and reach out actively with innovative product concepts, music programming and connected experiences. We’ll ignite ideas for how these can activate your strategy and amplify the impact across relevant media. In a connected world, engagement is user experience. The magic of Riverphonic is to make them flow together as one.

Custom Concepts

Applying the Design Sprint framework of Google Ventures, I work with creative teams, project leads and founders to research new trends, analyze consumer behaviors, evaluate disruptive technologies and scope out concepts for innovation. Riverphonic’s ‘special sauce’ is extending narratives across diverse touch-points, synthesizing the experience on the connected screen with the connections we have with our communities. The goal of these sessions is to test ideas for tactical tools that add utility or entertainment value, and that may ultimately be deployed to engage audiences wherever there is a forum for cultural expression and the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are fast melting away.

DJing & Music Supervision

Movies, TV, ads, video, games, events, hotels, shopping malls, sports leagues, arenas, theme-parks, gyms, yoga, restaurants, conferences – everything needs a good soundtrack. I bring a wealth of experience programming a full spectrum of music, from lush experiential soundscapes for luxury brands, to really annoying ringtones for telecom giants. My services include playlist curation, music strategy, turnkey copyright clearance and sync licensing, podcast production and distribution tips, and, when the occasion demands it, live DJ performance. The truth of the matter is (and as no business manual said, ever), The Funk will get you through times of no planning, better than planning will get you through times of no Funk.

Come Together

Community Influence

Riverphonic reaches deep into global communities that are united by a sense of purpose and radical inclusion from participating in inspiring events. Fan clubs, meet-ups, art collectives, activist groups: these are the tribes of online culture. To close the experience loop, target their tastemakers with personalized content made for sharing. And yes, so long as we are vigilant, we can use social networks to change the world.

Strategic Partnerships

Especially in a business context, but also for creative ventures, it has become increasingly important to share ideas, resources and capabilities. After 15 years helping start-ups grow up in the big bad city, I know the frameworks that strategically-aligned enterprises use to partner successfully, and how to reach many that are interested in doing so. Collaboration is the new competitive advantage.

Creative Execution

Riverphonic can be your the gateway to a network of world-renowned DJs and music aficionados, outstanding writers, photographers, graphic artists, UX & UI designers, software developers, AR & VR producers and other cutting-edge talents. Operating as a curator, agent or creative director, I work closely with client teams to source the best in the business and see the job through.


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A river speaks in myriad voices while making a single roar

Taking inspiration from the universal language of music, Riverphonic extrapolates its principles into a flow of communications, events and moments of engagement that are always on key, instantly felt, massively infectious and masterfully orchestrated. It unifies a multitude of dissonant signals into one harmonious stream.

"Coherent Thinking for Convergent Times"