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Mobile Analytics for Monkeys Pt 1

Welcome to ‘Mobile Analytics for Monkeys – Pt 1” - an interactive study into the evolving economics of Mobile media. It comes in two parts, which readers are invited to contribute to (right here), and which will then be compiled, edited and published as a white paper in late summer 2009. [* When posting comments, please reference in your opening sentence any comments or key points that you are addressing].

Let’s start from the following premise: Mobile entertainment plus advertising promises to evolve into a multi-billion-dollar industry but so far it hasn’t, and won’t until the insiders do more to clarify it. The flow of mobile ad $ has been stymied by fragmentation of the market, unreliable performance, subjective analytics and other factors to be expected of nascent industries with lots of competing technologies, but Wireless has shown that it can learn (take a bow, GSMA) from the mistakes of the internet and unite to avoid some of the pitfalls that are still troubling the likes of the IAB. And so here’s where we do our bit.

Firstly, there needs to be a common understanding of the types of creative format available to advertisers on mobile platforms. This is not an exact science, given that new ways for brands to integrate with mobile content are being introduced and explored all the time. However, at least a qualitative assessment should be made of the standard and custom options available.

This then begs the question: Do the metrics used in traditional and interactive advertising directly apply to Mobile? Part 2 of this study aims to compile and evaluate a comprehensive list of the latest metrics for evaluating ROI and Brand Value from digital advertising. A lot of these metrics and Key Performance Indicators are constantly being re-evaluated, and need to be in light of recent developments in social media and changes in consumer behavior. The effect is compounded on mobile platforms, but that is not to say that quantitative conclusions cannot be drawn.

Ultimately, we hope the paper will lead to improved econometrics for advertisers and investors in mobile media and content ventures, such as applications and location-based services. For big spenders to open up the purse strings and mobile shops to stop monkeying around with notions such as ‘buzz factor’, inventory needs to be sold in more measurable units. It will be a good thing for all concerned when even the most skeptical planners and traditionalist CFOs recognize that the halo effect in mobile is an incremental value that can be quantified, and not just a band of radiation stemming from the handset.

Part 1 - Mobile Ad Units 


Guest contributor Polly Lieberman from Buzzd Inc points to the Mobile Marketing Association's Mobile Advertising Guidelines, from which we can condense the following list:


Mobile Web WAP Banner Basic

Mobile Web WAP Banner Enhanced (Animations, graphics etc)

Mobile Web WAP Text Tag

Mobile Web WAP Text Link

SMS Short (Teaser, 20-40 characters)

SMS Complete (Full-page)

MMS Banner & Square

MMS Audio (clip plays while Banner is viewed)

MMS Video

Mobile Video/TV Bumpers/Billboards, Pre-Rolls, Mid-Rolls, Post-Rolls, Bookends & Commercial Breaks

Mobile Video/TV Overlays

Downloadable App Active (clickable) Banners

Downloadable App Full-page Bumpers, Splashes & Jumps ('interstitials')

Downloadable App Integrated Ad (eg billboards in a soccer game)

[* With most of the above, there are minor formatting variables (eg .mov or .wmv?) which should not intrinsically effect the advertising impact of a given Unit, and for the purposes of this study can be excluded.]

To this list we can add two buckets, and it is here that we most keenly invite your contributions:

1) Emerging Ad Forms (ie innovative mobile advertising technologies)


2) Cross-Platform/360 Integrations (ie existing ad units being put to use in innovative ways)


Once consensus has been reached as to all of the above, Part 2 will assess the common denominators of each of these units, and analyze how they can be applied to the performance metrics of advertising.









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