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to add value, be useful and make friends. Here are some developments that have caught our interest. Please chime in, get your mojo working and feel free to email us a review or to plug your own app, service, clip, story, sketch, crazy idea etc.
  • Dub Siren by Sawa Digital

    mobile-brand-dub-siren-icon Nuff respek for the tip from da Mighty G, the Riverphonic iPhone just went from zero to dub factor 10 with this excellent mobile radio aggregator, streaming 24/7 from reggae stations around the globe. Studio One to Nuskool Breaks, it's all here at a roll of the dial, with a DJ Selekta FX box for live jammin should you feel so inclined. It works pretty well when stationary and outside, but patchy reception spoils the ...

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  • iBanter, developed by Poke/Cobra for iPhone

    Those cheeky Brits. Of course it had to happen, and it’s no surprise to see this coming out of the land of classic comedy TV, lager-drinking and curry (three national obsessions that make living in the rain-drenched UK almost tolerable). First there was the MouthOff, the app that lets you superimpose a voice-activated animated image of a mouth over your own face. Now iBanter replaces the stock photos of mouths with videos of mouths of ...

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  • SitorSquat, for iPhone & Blackberry

    branded mobile app sit or squatIn many ways, SitorSquat is the ideal archetype for a brandable mobile app. It started online in 2007 as Google Maps mashed up into a wiki for ladies to list convenient & salubrious bathroom facilities. Add time and virality and suddenly it’s a leading community-destination with UGC data – for male, female and family toilets, and that’s just for starters - relevant to major cities in > 50 countries. Add mobile capability, and you’ve got ...

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  • by Applied Ambiguities, for iPhone

    Application: Compare this visually to its worthy-but-ugly online engine Cellar Tracker and no further words are needed to sum up the difference between the fragmented, utilitarian world of internet commerce and the mobile experience at its most tactile, instant and seductive. This is a portable wine pal, Jim, but not as we know it. When your girlfriend’s father pulls out his notebook at dinner to scribble something down off the label on the bottle, flash ...

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  • Bow Cam for iPhone

    Application: Plays a selection of dog barks, allowing the user to attract the attention of dogs, rather than whistling, clicking fingers or yelling ‘Hair boy!’ like those Welsh blokes on TV. Could potentially be improved with pictures of chocolate buttons on the screen.

    Brand match: This offers a limited amount of content so any brand in the dawg business could get a good scratch behind the ears for offering a range of additional barks. If ...

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  • Ocarina by Smule

    branded mobile app OcarinaApplication: This may seem a bit obvious given the massive popularity of this app, but it’s a fitting one to kick off with because it is So F-ing Cool. It’s not just the design and functionality of the app, which, in case you haven’t seen it yet, turns an iPhone into a touch-sensitive electronic flute. And it’s not just the physical simulation (it picks up the variable strength of the user blowing into the microphone, ...

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