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  • Will the Mobile phone be a ghetto-blaster for the micro-blogging generation?

    It’s probably not PC to use the term ‘ghetto’ in anything but an historical context these days. But  "ghetto-blaster" has always kinda rocked and - I’m sorry but – lame substitutes like ‘boombox’ simply won’t do. And besides, demographics have a lot to do with it, as you’ll see.

    Firstly, why did people stop walking around with ghetto-blasters, like they used to in the 70s? Was it the cost of batteries, combined with the invention of the Walkman, so you no longer had the excuse that it was primarily for your own personal enjoyment and that the showing off and ...

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  • How fast is your phone? – A bluffer’s guide.

    Spare a thought for those poor iPhoners that woke up recently to the unveiling of the 3GS. Imagine you’ve got the sleekest piece of hardware on the market and then there’s another, better, faster one, with 3 megapix video cam, a landscape fix of the really annoying keyboard, and “2x” the browsing power. Worse still, there’s that S, which stands for Speed, and makes you feel about as inadequate as not having ‘Turbo’ on the back of your black Porsche 911. Which is now a Mazda. And let’s not even talk about the $499 to upgrade, when any old Joe ...

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  • Mobile Analytics for Monkeys Pt 1

    Welcome to ‘Mobile Analytics for Monkeys – Pt 1” - an interactive study into the evolving economics of Mobile media. It comes in two parts, which readers are invited to contribute to (right here), and which will then be compiled, edited and published as a white paper in late summer 2009. [* When posting comments, please reference in your opening sentence any comments or key points that you are addressing].

    Let’s start from the following premise: Mobile entertainment plus advertising promises to evolve into a multi-billion-dollar industry but so far it hasn’t, and won’t until the insiders do more to ...

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  • Why Search on Twitter changes everything, as seen through the window of Last.FM

    What has the virtual landfill of spent Tweets got in common with the deluded output of indie bands who are only listened to by their mothers? Aside from the obvious, complete lack of lasting impact on popular culture, they are both good examples of how the increasingly sophisticated calibration of search engines makes it possible for everyone to be heard.

    Last year the 3 guys that founded Last.FM presented in New York and told the story of how the 2 German guys had developed a distribution platform for long tail bands to be heard online, and how they teamed up ...

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  • Has mobile content become commoditized?

    What is it about the word ‘content’ that makes everyone so sick of it? On the one hand it rings of smugness. Undeserved contentment, like that of some super-sized media exec comfortable in the assumption that consumers will lap up whatever they throw at them. Smug like those fond of saying ‘No one ever went bust by underestimating the bad taste of the general public’. And on the other hand it sounds like ‘product': bland and monolithic, stuff you churn out by the batch. Nothing in there that reflects the passion and risk involved in creating something of lasting value, ...

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